Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas !!!

This probably is my last post for this year as I'm off for my christmas vaction in a couple of days.
Looking back, the past year had some happy moments but a very very sad and shocking one too.

- We finally got the chance to live in our own house, something that we never imagined and we feel truly blest.

- Sis & me took up a resolution to start a blog. I'm happy that we have been able to keep our resolution for 2009 and kept the blog rolling. So cheers to us !!! Well we started with lots of doubt but kept going and then we had long discussions on the blog name, blog template, font, image sizes and even the 'about us' section. We did take long breaks, but we've kept it alive somehow.

- A nice long happy summer holiday at mita's place. The fun started right from when we started filling the visa forms, going for the interviews, the journey itself, the half day break at frankfurt (with SIL) was real fun ;), and a nice relaxed vacation at mita's. Also a trip to our unlce's place at Fredrick and Atlantic city was fun too. I would like to thank my uncle &family and mita & family for making it so memorable and also for the loads of pocket money ;);). The ONLY sad part was the teary farewell at the airport. I still remember my squirming elder niece RM's face at her mum and aunt's public display of emotions.

- A cousin got engaged, and we are looking forward to the wedding. Soon after the engagement, we all sat around our ailing cousin and joked and laughed, and his mother said that she had not seen him that happy in so many months.

- But it was followed by some really sad news as we lost our dear dear cousin, and since we are still in the 40 day mourning period, there won't be any christmas for our family this time. His 40th day being December 30th.

For me the last year just zoomed off and it was crazy at times, but I look forward to a bright and happy 2010.
I had some leftover chocolate cookie dough, so this is my cookie wreath for christmas.
May you have a Blessed Christmas and a joyful New Year !!!

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