Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cake Take - Rolling On!

Big Girl, RM turned 9 recently. As her birthday approached, I was again faced with the dilemma of what kind of cake to make for her....... especially after her own suggestion of a Selena Gomez cake! Yikes! No way! Well, of late, the girls have both been very much into roller skating and I thought that would be a much better theme for our birthday.

Roller Skate Cake!

The cake was a Yellow Cake filled with her favorite dark chocolate pastry cream and Whipped cream frosting. The roller skate was made a couple of days ahead with royal icing using the Color Flow Technique and let to dry hard. It was placed on the cake just before it was cut.

I must say that Selena Gomez got no mention after Big Girl saw her cake ........ Guess she's a bigger fan of dark chocolate! Keep Rolling, Girl!


p.s : Just wanted to share some of the t-shirt art some of our friends and us did at the party!

T-shirt Painting