Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hats Off !!!

I guess i don't need to introduce myself. (Remember me??....."The older sister with the frozen brain" from the first post?!!!! We live in sub-zero temperatures here these days, so it took a while to thaw!!)

Well, I'd like to begin my post with a kudos to my little sister ,who came up with this blog as a way to share with each other things we enjoy doing, as we both live in different corners of the world। I'd also like to like to dedicate this post to all homemakers, who besides being the chauffeur, the shopper, the cook, the janitor and everything else also find time to blog. So HATS OFF to you guys for doing what you do everyday expecting only a toothy smile or an uncontrollable burp for a paycheck. And to everyone who'd like to join in our little blogging expedition, Welcome to the Sisterhood!

In honour of the "Hats Off To Homemakers", check out these hats I crocheted.

This was made for my big girl. The instructions for this Cute Kid's Earflap Hat (crochet) is available here. I chose to go with a single colour and the yarn I used was Bernat Baby Boucle. You may have to register to get the pattern. Its free.

This "Dressy Cloche"was made from a pattern from the book called "Crochet Hats!" by Candi Jensen with Lionbrand Jiffy Thick & Quick yarn. Hopefully it prevents future brain freezes!! A similar pattern can be found here.

Now that our heads are nice and warm, how about pampering our tastebuds for a change?!! Why sis, didnt hear about any Sweets for your Sweetie for Valentines Day!


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  1. you know.. i want one. :) in black.

    it is possible you dont recognise me from my name. but i must say welcome to the blogging community. and i must also be cross with you for not having told me till now!!!