Thursday, May 7, 2009

With Spring comes....................Spring Cleaning!

With the weather getting better these days, it was time to get all the winter gear out of the way. As we start clearing out the stuff, we realise that we dont have place to store it all. So our next approach was to go by the "3 aWay" rule - Sort out things to put away, throw away or give away. Everything was going fine till we ended up with some things that wouldn't fit in any category!

Little girl SS 's boots belonged in this category. We got it for her last year and she wore it for her 2nd birthday. She hardly ever wore it because summer came and by fall she had outgrown it. There was no reason to put it away, as nobody could wear it next year. Certainly didnt want to throw it away as it was in good condition and for some reason just didnt want to give it away! The hubby thinks that I am a pack rat, so to keep that reputation from coming up I had to find some use for these cuties.

Who knew the long wait at the paediatrician's office would help me come up with good use for our subject. One of the magazines there featured a flower arrangement in rain boots. Yay! I just got myself a new vase. Yes, the hubby bought me the flowers.......I guess he also had a soft spot for the boots but didn't want to admit it!


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  1. This is just so creative!!! And gives me ideas of putting to use some of the stuff that are just lying around in my closet too. Just that its not cute lil Boots!!