Sunday, June 7, 2009

Indian Folk Art - Warli

Warli art is a simple folk painting of the Warli tribe which depicts everyday village life, social events, marriages and unlike madhubani do not depict images if dieties or any stories from Hindu mythology.

I personally believe the Warli tribe was a set of very happy people as most of the paintings were themed on weddings, celebrations , harvest and simple household activities. There was no war, greed or bloodshed. I guess these are the blessings of a simple life.
Originally they were done on the walls of the houses in the villages of Western India. Nowadays the art form has evolved and it can be seen on cermaic, mud pots, canvas, glass and fabric.

A lot of online information can be found on Warli art, I found this quite a simple and useful site for anybody wanting to get some basic information on Warli art and also helps if you want to do your own first Warli painting.

Well I did mine too, on fabric. A beige silk yoke piece with dancing warli women in black.

and here's a sneak peek into some of the other yokes I'm doing....

So hope you had some warli fun.



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  1. Hi,
    So good to have come across your blog! I loved it :). I make Warli Paintings & that's how I came here! Its a beautiful art. Would certainly add your blog to my list of Favz! :)