Monday, November 2, 2009

African Art

Africa, the worlds second largest continent with as many as 61 territories represents a great diversity in its art and culture. Some of the poorest people live here but I feel some of the most talented too, be it sports, music, art (though lesser own).

This is inspired from an african painting I found while browsing. I did it on pre-washed cotton fabric using synthetic dyes.

African art is very colurful with lots of yellows, oranges, reds and browns. It is also very vibrant and attractive. Human figures and animals have been the primary subject for most african art. Check out Martin Bulinya's Tinga Tinga (Tanzanian art) at

I love Africa and wildlife and is definitely on my "places I must see before I die" list.


  1. I'm expecting one of these for me too!.....Love it!

  2. This is great work indeed!! How about giving the walls a vibrant colour too?!!