Sunday, November 29, 2009

In Memoriam.

I'd like to dedicate this post in memory of my little cousin, Sachin, who lost his 7 month long battle with astrocytoma on the 21st. He was just 14. His passing has left a big vacuum in our family which is going to be real hard to fill. When he was little, we used to envy his beautiful, long eyelashes and tease him about it. His quick wit caught almost anybody off-guard and if there was anybody who could make his mom laugh whole-heartedly, it was him. I still remember the smile on his face when I told him that he was an uncle when my older daughter was born! While his siblings are rather on the shy side and just had their mom do their shopping, he was always outspoken and very particular about what he wore. I don't think I've ever come across any kid who has said he wants to go to a boarding school, beacuse he thought it was a better school. He did. In the long months that he suffered, not once did he complain, though he was confined to his bed and also lost his vision. He even assured his mom on the day he left that everything was going to be okay and that she shouldn't be sad. Typical him! I think he was an angel sent down by God.

Sachin had a big sweet-tooth and loved all those sweets from the bakery. This cake was made as the finale cake of my Wilton course 2 on the day before he passed.

Sachin, this one's for you! You have spread so much happiness in all of our lives and though you are in a much better place now, you will be greatly missed !



  1. We will all miss him terribly !

  2. We all wondor why bad things happen to good people. some times this doesn't make any sense.But we believe GOD loves you and has a plan for your life.We are all blessed to know sachin in our lives.He has touched our heatrs in many differant ways in his short life,taught us great lessons of suffering without any complaints.Although he is not with us physically,his special memories will be in our hearts and the assurance of sachin's joy in heavens will help us to move on and hope tobe with him one day.

  3. I used to observe and study all my children including nephews & nieces. But certain characteristic attributes in him made Sachin unique - at his tender age he manifested remarkable degree of maturity in thought speech and acts. Do you know that during the early days of hopitalisation he had even told Anup and Meena what should be done after his death!
    Do you know that there was an unprecedented flow of poor people to see Sachin. It is not because he was somebody's somebody, but certainly because he was Sachin who used to vist poor people in their houses; whom we call by "Eda", he used call ".. .Chetta" or
    "Chechi". I am sure that we have suffered a big loss in Schin. Appa

  4. Sachin entered this world quite unexpectedly.
    Sachin left us all quite suddenly too.
    But God doesn't make blunders.
    Sachin was a messenger from God
    The message may be different for each of us.
    We need to look into ourselves and ask God to help us understand the message.
    Sachin has fulfilled his mission.
    But only when each of us is able to decipher our message,
    Sachin’s life with us is fulfilled.

  5. Am really sorry to hear this. But God has a plan for everybody and am sure Sachin is in God's safe hands and right next to Him.