Friday, February 5, 2010

Cake Take! - We are 1 today!

Oh My!! A year gone by since we started this blog! Really? We made it to our first birthday ?! I know that we've taken long breaks and vacations in between, but we've kept it going! Starting this blog has made us set aside some crafting time to keep us sane in this ever-in-a-hurry routine life. We've also got to know so many talented bloggers who have inspired us with their work. We hope to have done the same for somebody,too.

I want to thank my mom today as she is the person who got Sis and me ( and the Bro!) into crafting since we were young! A special thank you to our followers......You guys keep us motivated! Liz, Ira, Wickedly-yours, we appreciate all the comments, suggestions, pushes and pats on the backs!

So, Sis, I know you are used to sharing your birthday with the Bro (Yeah, they are twins!), but today it's Happy Birthday to Us! Let's keep it rolling!


Check out our very first post here !


  1. Happy Birthday to You...
    Happy Birthday to You...
    Happy Birthday dear Sisteracts...
    Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Guys!!!!

    Happpy Birthday!!!!

    Mita..ur cakes are LOVELY!!!
    Gita..i am waiting for the delivery of my orders:-)

    Keep the blog going sisters!!

    Lostsa love,
    Hila and Ira